May 3, 2011

Grenade Games 7, Big Bear CA

Check out this edit of Grenade Games 7 in Big Bear, CA. An edit of insane good looking times and snowbody launching from Adam Lovejoy.

April 29, 2011

Del @ Cantina Lounge

Arnette threw one hell of a night, and got us a bus from Newport!

Classy bus makeout.

Kool Kids in the back.


Chiron talking board design, his way.

Everybody loves a Sailor.

We have arrived.

Shorescrew hats get you kisses.

Buku 1.

Red Head Posse.

Chiron is a model.

Newport Ladies.

Two faced.


Such a good night with Joey Head, it was amazing.


Red Head Make out.



Look into my eyes.



Shea time.


Bean Cheese.

Love Hate.


Chop chop.

Who me.


Joey Head likes.



Joey Head, VIP.

Del tron.


Obvious fist bump

We hurt people.

People wanted to hurt us.
So we left.

And left some wounded in our wake.
Thanks to Arnette! and everyone who came and jumped on the bus.
No thanks to whoever broke the bus window.
Thanks to the nice Aussie who chipped in for said window.

DShea guest appearance

Everyone knows Nate Tyler lives in a Mongolian Yert. But what they don't know is that our Daniel Shea is making a nice showing in this new Nate Tyler clip.

Coachella 2011 - A few Random Glimpses...

I was having so much fun at Coachella this year I often forgot to pull my camera out and capture the madness. Apparently every now and then I still snapped a few random shots... Here are a some of them...
(if you are going to put these on facebook or anything remember to click on them first so you get the bigger version =] )

Filter Party Had a Sweet Venue!



Tyler Went For a Little Climb at Cut Copy...

Then Got Comfortable...

Cute Little Tent Monkeys!


Post-Show Zombies

Bikes Are The Best Call!

Surprise Eagles of Death Metal Show! Thanks Vestal!!!

Surfside Campers...

Sticky Had Fun!!!

Pretty Indio

Duran Duran Sunset...

Night Time...

Party Time!!!

The Face Painters!

got me some Face Paint!

RVCHLD ponderings...

See The Shot Morgo Got at


This is what it looked like to most of their brains...

A Dance Tribute To Greg Byers...

Oh No! Its Over...