January 27, 2011

Railroad to Alaska - La Cave

We went to see Railroad To Alaska the other night at La Cave.

A highly entertaining Sabbath-esc sweaty hair thrash good time.

Someone saved a few bucks.

bottoms up.

singing and drinking at the same time takes practice.


flash dance.

BJ flattery makes Alan nervous.


ouch, my brain.


that's a lot of hair.

Semi Sweet played next.


It was BJ's first night out.

La Cave peoples.

Check out Railroad To Alaska.

Snakebit Drifters - FEB 12th, Sat 10PM

view the event here: duhhhhhh

Let's get together at La Cave Saturday, February 12th at 10pm for
some sick surf guitar riffs from ALEJANDRO'S AWESOME SURF BAND,
the psychobilly insanity that is SNAKEBIT DRIFTERS,
and...introducing the crazy blues inspired rock from the native Texan duo that now hails from Los Angeles...RESTAVRANT (yes, it's a V)!!

Come on out, grab a few of the stiffest drinks in the OC, and let's make the Valentine's weekend crowd get rowdy!!

January 21, 2011

Mammoth Art Park Video

Got this in the mail:

Art Park from Mammoth Unbound on Vimeo.

Happy Friday! I just wanted to share some pics of Mammoth Art Park and a nice video about the park filmed and edited by Greg Weaver - Mammoth Mountain Unbound Videographer. The JLA Park is just outside of Canyon Lodge - you can see the art when riding up Chair 16 (Canyon Express) and will be open to the public through the end of April. AND!! The Art Park has been so successful Mammoth has decided to open a second park by Main Lodge. More info to come. Have a great weekend!

January 16, 2011

Arnette Snow Team

Arnette is back making snow goggles and they just signed some heavies: Devun Walsh as Team Captain, along with young guns Zac Marben, Dustin Craven and Sage Kotsenburg rounding out the global squad.

January 9, 2011

New Years 2010 - hustle's house

Anybody need a subject for a still-life?

Hustle and handle bars.

Fuckin neighbors...

Good friends of heads and arms.

Burnie likes Yoches' beat-boxing.


Man kitchen.

Burnout Newps Pigeon Shores crews.

Counted down white out.


My light sensor reacts nicely to your facial hair... miss.

Then we went to the new factory and stared at the new wall mural.

Then we went home and got lost in the projected shadows.