July 30, 2008

The Pricks at Woody's Wharf! Newport Beach!

Things Got Weird, So I Got Weirder...

So continuing on the wild summer antics theme, I am reminded of night that started out like any other night, and then got really REALLY weird. Started out watching the lakers lose, next thing we know its a 4am jacuzzi party with naked girls and me in ridiculous costumes. In fact i can't even post most of the photos, these are just some of the tame ones:

(click on photos to make them bigger, especially if downloading)

After the Lakers Failed Miserably...

We went to Cassidy's For Some Pool

and to Hang out with G-Tron

when we saw the ravages of age first hand

she liked jake


she liked everybody!

Doho was mind boggled...

So we took a cab

To Lopi's House!

to hang out in the jacuzzi...

It started out normal

then things got a little naked

then things got a little weird...

then things got very weird and very naked!

I didnt have any boardies

So i figured this outfit will do!

Check out those boots...

who has these things at their house?


With Guns!

Soon after this greg shot morgan in the open eyeball. Greg offered a retaliation punch to the face, which morgo gladly took. Video to come later...

Drunken Dangerous Dark Boat-Mission

Many of you may have heard me mention how this may very well be the most ridiculously wild Summer I have ever dealt with around here. Not a week has gone by without some sort out of control all night debauchery. Throw in the doof doof music that is all the rage around here these days and we end up with all sorts of spontaneous dance parties! It basically started in spring with a few warm up parties. Then this wild dance party broke out followed by the Iron Maiden Concert mania! Then there was a night when i pretty much realized that things were only going to get bigger, wilder and faster from there on out. I am talking about our dark-danger-voyage...

It was a seemingly typical night at the saloon when i was handed 20 bucks and told "Captain it's almost 2, go get a 30-pack right now!" I didnt ask questions, and hurried over to Happy's Liquor and made the purchase.. A couple girls were gathered and i was told to meet at the gas dock. Where I was picked up in the hill's new super fast pursuit boat. We piled on without much discussion and headed out to sea. I expected a quick seal-buoy run, yet somehow we decided to go full throttle in pitch black through rough seas to emerald bay just for the fuck of it... we got there, peed, did some donuts and came back. Pointless yet magical. With Darrel Driving there, yet passed out on the way back. We are lucky we didnt lose someone...

Here are a few pics... (click on them to make them bigger, especially if downloading)

All Aboard!

Hill Loved that Darrel Was Driving

No Hands! (still in the harbor)

Now We're Sorta Moving!

Remi Was loving it!

Andt Started getting Airborn!

Byers getting sleepy, still trying to drive

remi still without his sea legs...

We're going fast!

My Eye!

Boobs were poppin!


Lots of ear screamin!

Things got a little wet n wild...

We trusted him with our lives, then he needed a nap...

Woke up to some butts!

Will's makin moves



Drive Fast Take Chances!!!

Darrel Back to sleep. Head slamming

and he is



So yah, right after this came the Ping Pong party. And things have been so wild since then I have gotten way behind on updating. So expect a lot of posts from me this week as I try to catch up!