June 4, 2008

Somewhere Back In Time!!! - Iron Maiden '08

When we heard Iron Maiden Was doing a tour with all of their classic songs, and no new stuff, We Immediately got tickets. Eventually even more people joined in and an RV got involved. The cops tried everything they could to stop any parking lot drinking or fun from happening, but we got rediculously wild anyway. Once inside, we all partied on the lawn and started fires which everyone moshed around. Maiden played one hell of a near perfect show; Basically they just fuckin' rocked the place! Here are some Photos Of the Mayhem that ensued...

These Pics get BIGGER when you CLICK on them! Feel free to Add them to your own pages etc... Just make sure to right click and save from the Big version, not the little one...

Trying to swindle The Parking Attendant

Did I mention Our RV had a Mustache?

Seany, Our "Designated" Driver

Group Shots

Right Before Police Raid #3

True Maiden Fans


"Think This Will Burn?"

It's Lit...

It Burns!!!

And Everyones Happy!

Synced Rocking!!!

Packed House

Cap, Krack, M. Morrisey, J. Morrissey

The Devil Says Burn Your Jacket!

I think he threw that in the crowd...

Run To The Hills!!!


It Was No Match!

Count GausUla?

Still Rockin...


Our Refreshments For The Evening

Shower Gargoyles?

The Ol' Double Vest-Point

The Cops Are Making Us Go in! Woo!

Rock On Bruthuh!

"It Will If we add clothes off our back!"

DoHo Sacrifices a Sweater

Until This Guy Came...

Morrissey Boob!

Nick Blows The Coals

And It Burns Again!!!

Round and Round!

Flame Jumpers

More to Burn

Its Over!!!

Punched In The Face!!!

For the Boozers!!!

Blond Redhead... Out Cold...

Im a drooler...

Smoochie Smoochie!

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