February 25, 2008

30th st - sunny boostings.

Some fun waves out front again.It's been a long day when asian people are giving God the finger.
This slide is sleazy.
Hoyer says this lad is called Cam.
Doheny is stoked!
Doheny's backside whip.
Hackman threw one up.
Hoyer blew this because he could've landed and just ran the guy over, or landed and jumped onto the guy's board.... Oh the possibilities! Don't be scared, surfing can be a contact sport.
Hoyer and the loft.
Hoyer looking planted backside.
Hoyer's hokie-pokie air.
Skull blur.
Kung-fu kick.
What letter is he going for?
Mo getting his son ready for a career in shredding.
Smiles all around.
Moysa is angry at water.
The water will jump, it just waits for Moysa to tell it how high.
I don't think Moysa even realizes how close he is to pulling something like this.
Come check out the footy.
Speed floater.
Norman about to blast.
Norman does under the lip slashes and french kisses the water when he thinks no one can see.
Creepy gerbil hands.
Beeson going up.

Spring Break Spencer's birthday pt. 2

So we forgot to mention not only was it Spencer's birthday, but it was also Richard's (sticky's brother) birthday too. In light of this glaring omission, we decided to do the whole thing again. This time it was at the Alley instead of a house so no one would throw BBQ sauce on the dog again.Spencer with his parents. I thought he was joking at first.
Good people though.
Shively and Randy Bruce. Get a job you bums!
So it's that kinda party!
Courting rituals.
BBoy Richard.
Spencer made a heart warming speech.
People were loving it.
Will Crum ended the night. Good shit.
Thanks to Atwater for helping out with our tab!

February 22, 2008

Going South

Took a little trip down south with Matto looking for waves. Newport was flat and just as hope was fading, Benji Weatherley called saying he knew just the place to go. Soon enough we're trading head high waves with only a couple buds. Benji's backside banger.
Benji and a little carve.
Benji's slidy slash.
Another backside banger from Benji inspired Matto to try some of his own.
Matto throwing one up.Matto at 12 o'clock.

Spring Break Spencer's 21st

Not that anything really changes but Spring Break Spencer actually turned 21. So now I guess he's legally allowed at bars. Also he gets his job back as a drink slinger, he was once on the other side of the bar until they found out he wasn't 21. He is so good at pouring they let him come back after he took care of those nasty younger months. moths. moths eat your clothes and the alternative to them eating your clothes is moth balls, but then your clothes smell so bad (and like grandma) you wouldn't want to wear them anyway. Like Captain's dad has said, "have you smelled moth balls? HA, how did you get their little legs apart!?"Spring Break.
Guatto is relaxin.
Dog-slobber tennis ball mark.
Dog likes mexi beer.
See no evil.
beer cheer.
Tounge out.
pout. happy. pose.
same. same. same.
Rich and Spring Break.
"Get outta here!"
Drink slinger.
so happy.

post note: the pictures don't accurately depict the night as I had missed calls from Spring Break up until 6:45 AM. Good work boys.