August 31, 2008

GREY DAYS @ 54th.


Macy's friend, I think, Robert Patterson?

He surfed small waves very well.

Bones whipping an indy.

Bones getting creepy. Tails up!

Bones punting for Hoyer's viewing pleasure.

Daniel started throwing some varials.


Doheny hoping for a safe landing.

Doheny, drifting tail.




Hoyer throwing up his vote.

Full rotator.

Backside air.

Hoyer getting snaked.  The guy never even knew he was there.

Extended foot.

Macy boosting on Doheny's board.

August 29, 2008

Ramping out

For some reason I had these photos of Daniel backed up.
So why not share his boosting with everyone.

Daniel Shea, schools out for summer.

Backside grabs are always sick.

No grabs are also usually sick.

Actually closer than you'd think.

Hoyer still gets up in the air.  Varial, looking like winter time.

A little booster for the crowd.


Lopi, dangerous.

Lopi on the rocks.


Moysa can come up with some funny shit in the water.

He's always going fast too, so it's usually even more funny.  Like this hop.

August 26, 2008

Faint at the Glasshouse

Go see shows at the Glasshouse. The place rocks.
We went there to see our friend Westie and watch The Faint play.

We sipped Tecaté.

Doheny showed off his new eye.

We sipped some more and divided the promo Sticky brought for The Faint.

Then The Faint played.

We brought some HD cams to film their set, but they said no thanks.  Oh well.

They still rocked though.

Lugo went outside and came back in through the back.  Talk about wrong place, wrong time.

She is from space.

They are from the past.

They are from present day.

One is sweaty and one matches the walls.

Resting rockers.

Red lights hurts above the brain.

They love The Faint.

Sticky got blinded.

Flashed rocker.

Dance Party.

Try him, he's delicious.



It's over!  Thanks to Westie and The Glasshouse.
No thanks to the gutless thieves!