August 23, 2008

Gettig Gnarly in Nicaragua Pt. 2

So Nicaragua isn't about cheap meals, freshwater lakes with sharks, and swimming pools with underwater chessboards. It isn't about potholey roads, crooked cops, or sheisty locals like Bubby and Chapin. It isn't about constant offshore winds, warm ocean water, or empty lineups. It isn't about their cheap sex trade with all the twelve year old tranvestites you can handle or the live 2 girls 1 cup show or the maids that come with each house you rent. Shit...I just spilled the beans about a good thing just a few hours flight south of us. ALL PICS: DANIEL FRANKS

Look at these crowds

I think Steve Thomas was influenced by He-Man

And he takes notes when Top Chef is on

But he forgot what Jack Hanna said about sticking fingers up monkeys butts

Check out the balls on that fucking howling alarm clock

Artsy fartsy ten on the tip by Dustin Franks

Gold straight up chilling outside the only bar in town

Enough cold Tonas made Gold stand up

That green stuff on the beach is filled with pre-historic creatures. Dustin Franks is an entomophobe.

Scoping a creepy setup with jeans is the way to go in 93 degree temperature

Longboarders were not allowed in the rental

Pretty sweet longboard thing here. Steve's just dancing with himself.

Sneaky little bastards

Can you believe he didn't even have an oxen license?

Grunt doesn't like to get barreled. He just flies past sweet tube sections.

Youngest Franks bro Stevie wears tank tops in San Francisco too

Digging in the rail before cooking up the goods

Slidey-ness on a single fin

Grab that rail you sissy

You too. Let go of that thing.

If Posner can do it with no hands, so can you...seriously...I couldn't believe a Floridiot like Posner could actually get tubed either

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