August 14, 2008

House Party? Dance party? Ski party???

So after the success of the first ridiculous dance party, Sarah decided to have another one. This one was just as fun, but things went a little bit differently... mainly the skiing.

(click on photos to make them bigger, especially if downloading)

Flipcup outside - 7, 11 or doubles inside

Kaitlin and Joe spotted together! - Smokers...

Off to the slopes! - Or the bricks...

Hot Doggers

Tyler was drivin maddy nuts - but she took it out on Tom...

Its dance party time! - Too easy... (insert your own caption here)

CornWillio! - Dancers!

even Captain was dancing! - and greg was like "woah thats gnarly!"

What more do you need than dancing and fresh fruit?

Greg's got a really strong right arm... - poop faces!

A Toilet Paper Mummy Appeared... - And Danced!!!

and then became byers! - Pirdy was scared...

People were wasting beer - Luckily there were plenty of "easter eggs"

The Faucet strikes again!

The oarty ended, but we came back at 230AM, greg made us breakfast...

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