April 30, 2010

Peaks are Back 3

Some people just weren't meant for nice waves.


Chris Waring giving this guy a facial.

Shark bite!

Ted Shred loves this inside finner section.

No hope finner.

Jared should've made this one.

Kirk Blackman getting the ladies to look.

Scream all you want.

Randal Taylor.

Teddy Navarro.

Ted still running.

I forget, is that you Joe ?

Punker Pat knee sledding.

Kirk Blackman.

Ryan Carlson.

Moysa touching it.

Teddy hoping.


Moysa having a moment.

Teddy going up!

Punker trying to slow that boat down.

April 29, 2010

Peaks are Back 2

Newport finest get some good ones.

Hoyer wheeling out.


Hoyer travel time.

Danny Fuller, long locks, long tube.

Oh 2nd section? Why not...

Big hopes.



Just a finger now.

Skip Snead making friends. Skip is making a new magazine, perhaps you've heard of it...

Kirk Blackman, soul arching duh.

Lucky crumble.

Moysa pissed.


Troy Eckert before we lose him to Da Island.

Kirk going left?


Punker Pat, till it ends.

Uh oh.


Moysa's grace.

April 26, 2010

Newport Classic 2010

Check out the video from the 2010 11th Annual Newport Classic. Congrats to our boy Victor Done for taking home 1st in the Mens division

Analog and Surfside Sports bring you the 11th Annual Newport Classic.

Comune art show

We went up the road to The Comune art show to support our favorite little Hill Dweller, Ben Brough and although it was the end of a llllong weekend, we had a great time. I took these shitty photos with my phone.

The place was filled with a refreshing hipsters and free PBR.

I love Satan and I love varnish!

Did that hurt?

We had to call Hoyer to come over and peep this Satan art.
Then he had to speed-dial Satan himself and tell him to come check it out.

I feel like I've seen this a few times.

Ben Brough's only piece in the show. He banged this beauty out in only 3 days!
That's fuckin voodoo.

Alex Knost, getting a rest in on Ben Brough's comfy shoulder.


Hoyer getting close to Modern Collective.

Time for this skull baby to take a nap!