August 30, 2010

Volcom Stone Presents "9191" This Wednesday at Lido Theater!!!

Its a snowboard movie!

Its gunnuh be a good one! don't miss it!

get there early so you can sit where you want to sit. I'm sure you know where we'll be sitting...

Hippies and Hessians - more pictures!

The talented writing of Rose Blacque have been applied to our Hippies and Hessians party.
Follow this link to her blog: "The Little Blacque Blog" for more glorious photos of the night.

Contour Test

Recently got a Contour Helmet Cam and it's been pretty sick fooling around with it.
Needs a little dialing in for what we're trying to do with it, but compared to other helmet cams, this thing is the best!

Daniel Shea butter snapping a mini wave.

Thom Pringle will do this all day long.

Victor Done.

August 26, 2010

Hippies & Hessians @ Bluebeet

Shorescrew and Arnette came together once again to celebrate some hippie love and hessian rage at the Bluebeet. The night started off with Cliff Drive amping the crowd up for Alejandros Awesome Surf Band who made the hippies believed they owned the night, that is until the Snakebit Drifters came on stage and blew minds and ear drums.

Sticky and Beandip.

Cliff Drive getting hippy.

Flower children.

Cliff Drive.

Verne bringing back the roots!

Have you met my new roommmate?


So that's where my mind and tab went...

Adam just got done changing his own oil.

Sticky and Lacy.

Golden Bday girl!




Looks like Tank Girl recently learned a lesson.

Associating with Heathens!

Young hippies.

Flower power.

hippy'd out!

Yoches, Looking Snakebit!

Pulido, amazing.


Cowboys were there too.


Hippy tail.


Jamie didn't even know it was a hippy party.

This photo makes me dizzy.

Rocking out to Snakebit.

Don't eat the red rope licorice.

Don't salute me, there are snipers everywhere who'd love to pop an officer.

Snakebit Drifters.

Sons of Anarchy were there.

Mesa kids.

Flowers smelling nice?

bomb hills.

Erin's ears are blown out right

Hesh dancing.

That's for you little D.


From Cabo with love.

uh oh.

I love Richie and his new permanent sombrero.

Demon eyes!

Captain and the time of his life.

"Did you see me living!?"



Tim on guitar, Yoches on drums and Robin slaying the bass.

Feeling it.

uh oh!

Thanks to Bluebeet, Arnette and all the bands, you guys killed it!
Some to you, you hippies and hessians!