March 27, 2008

From the Darkness

A dark dirty spring lead to some strange ideas.
Here we are playing with the lights.
Cloaked in darkness. Tippy getting ready.Grinders.Tippy's tube.
Girls running for the hills.
You could be inside that.

4.4mb bulk test

one broken link still

March 25, 2008

Hot 54th slashing action!!!

Look whoooo's back....
Anastasia, taking peeps out!
Beach posse.
Beeson going straight up.
Duddy spinning out.
Shoulder destruction.
Duddy loves getting both hands all up in the hole.
George getting tube time.
Hoyer ramping out.
Hoyer eats his own backside slash splash.
Destinations: 54th.
Hoyer and the closing section.
Hoyer's mini tuber. faced club sandwich.
Hoyer's boardslide.
Free lessons.
Hoyer driving through little mystic caverns.
Lamenzo and mostly turning not amping.
grom sealgull snap.
Morgan Shit just goes for the hell of it.
Moysa trying his spin thing again.
This wall has stopping power.
Moysa's fancy slash.
Taking the high road.
Nicolai having a better week.
and getting shacked.
Palm lifting one up.
Palms backside no-rail slider.
Palm with another double dose.
Palm in a little dark cavern.
Punker with the style slash.

March 20, 2008

tourettes guy

this doesn't have anything to do with anything, it's just very interesting. Thanks Tyson.

March 18, 2008

Newport tubes of blue and green

We've had some good waves until today.
Here's some photos from around the town.
Backside tuber.
Kirk Blackman setting up for the usual.
Blackman squaring up.
Blackman hiding.
Contest organizer and all around nice guy, Darren Brillhart free falls into a nugget.
Duddy slash.
and one more.
Yeah, really.
Hoyer's sideways twirl.
Hoyer punt.
Up then down.
Hoyer more still.
AG roundo.
This is sprocking as well. sppprrrrrrong!
This is not sprocking.
Jenner woke up at 5AM to come do this. Backside.
Jill was there and she showed this poor boogie what's up.
Moysa twizzle sticks.
The diaster-reo.
Moysa gets tubed.
Like all the time.
Blue newport tube.
Newport little runners.

Right in the middle.