March 8, 2008

Volcom Art Show

If you've seen Volcom's recent colorways, the explanation is Todd Bratrud. He is the man behind the lizard girls that grace Volcom's t-shirts, tradeshow tents and the like. Volcom had a show at their LA store for the girls and their lizard tails. Maddness ensued.The store.Nipples.
Penthouse loft.


Morgan Shit.
+ elllllliot.
The walls have eyes.
Makeout sesh.

Nobody smart wants the last mystery slice.
Calendar pants.
You can really tell how hard Tyler is trying not to puke here. The rigid stance, standing all alone, holding his breath, sweaty pits.... He didn't make it.
We tried not to help.
Gold is having a great time.
Make it a double!You missed a spot.
Their floppy but delicious.
Sticky does not know what he is doing.
IM on TV!
All standards! Out the window!
Gallery portraits.
Calendar girl.Drunks.
Yellow and blue is back!

Portrait of a young happy girl.Mill about.
Touch it!
Cheers to a good mission!
Sleep time!

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