January 31, 2008

Brad Lim Artwork

So there's a little asian man by the name of Brad Lim running around Newport. Actually there's a whole clan of them. Brad used to bartend at Cabo Cantina, home of the best happy hour special anywhere...seriously, what's better than 2x1 drinks. I guess free booze like at ASR is. Well he gave me enough free booze one night that I promised him to put up some of his artwork on this here website. It's been like a year and I finally sobered up enough to get around to doing it. You had seen some of his stuff at the Water Tried to Kill Me premiere if you had gotten your eyes on the walls.

January 29, 2008

Lightly Offshore is nice

Went to a little place we like to go when there are times, to go. Micah Byrne, Jesse Evans and I left in the darkness. We got there and it was kinda lumpy looking and cold. Wanting to towel-change next to each other they insisted on going out anyway. And then we kinda scored.Jesse Evans .Micah Byrne.Micah would get these long really open ones amid sets of walls.
You don't stop filming even if you think they fell, cause if they make it....
You're going to feel like a retard if you just cut recording and blew it. Those are good moments. Like "no way...." moments. Micah makes this.
Jesse Gremlin.

Juice it up. They make yum stuff.
Jesse saw this pose in the Abercrombie catalog.
I'm jealous how many barrels they got. Damn collarbone.

But he didn't make this one. So there.

January 27, 2008

ASR San Diego - 2008

Sunny skies over SD.
Yoches and Will Crum. Apparently from the photo, Yoches is having a good idea.
The no-look drawing.
Jim is peaceful.
Sometimes its what's not pictured that counts.
This picture is blurry because that's how we look to them.
Willie Koala.
Steez is like "watch this!"
mind scramble.
RandyB and Yoches.

Sterner and Brophy.
Happy people.
Shively thinks his mic can pick up visuals.
They're like, "relax guys...the elevator will come."
man box.
double trouble.
"where'd you go?"
bottoms up.
DJ paw.
happy red faces.

drummer bulge.
sweatshirt rack.
just peaking through.
both eyes open, so psyched!
Hoyer is a riot!
Megan and her business friends.
Hoyer and Mo
Moysa and his beard.
Analog family dinner.
RickyMonster in full effect.
Escortation. That's not a word but you know what i mean.
This way you're comfortable and safe from earthquakes.