January 27, 2008

ASR San Diego - 2008

Sunny skies over SD.
Yoches and Will Crum. Apparently from the photo, Yoches is having a good idea.
The no-look drawing.
Jim is peaceful.
Sometimes its what's not pictured that counts.
This picture is blurry because that's how we look to them.
Willie Koala.
Steez is like "watch this!"
mind scramble.
RandyB and Yoches.

Sterner and Brophy.
Happy people.
Shively thinks his mic can pick up visuals.
They're like, "relax guys...the elevator will come."
man box.
double trouble.
"where'd you go?"
bottoms up.
DJ paw.
happy red faces.

drummer bulge.
sweatshirt rack.
just peaking through.
both eyes open, so psyched!
Hoyer is a riot!
Megan and her business friends.
Hoyer and Mo
Moysa and his beard.
Analog family dinner.
RickyMonster in full effect.
Escortation. That's not a word but you know what i mean.
This way you're comfortable and safe from earthquakes.

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