January 29, 2008

Lightly Offshore is nice

Went to a little place we like to go when there are times, to go. Micah Byrne, Jesse Evans and I left in the darkness. We got there and it was kinda lumpy looking and cold. Wanting to towel-change next to each other they insisted on going out anyway. And then we kinda scored.Jesse Evans .Micah Byrne.Micah would get these long really open ones amid sets of walls.
You don't stop filming even if you think they fell, cause if they make it....
You're going to feel like a retard if you just cut recording and blew it. Those are good moments. Like "no way...." moments. Micah makes this.
Jesse Gremlin.

Juice it up. They make yum stuff.
Jesse saw this pose in the Abercrombie catalog.
I'm jealous how many barrels they got. Damn collarbone.

But he didn't make this one. So there.

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