January 10, 2008

New Years in Mammoth!

Went up to Mammoth for snow sliding and New Years. The snow was alright, fun, save for a few rock mine fields. The parks were fun and all was good for the time being. When the sun goes behind the mountain beware. We stayed with the classy girls of Sierra Major├ęs who helped us out with shots of vodka on the slopes and defrosted wood on the homestead.
Nolan in the shadows.Peanuts and beer."Hi guys!"An in-form Hill.Grumpy's.
Cheers to free beer from the man with the exact haircut as his young son.Greg Shit.
Beer/french fry stealing break.Lugo fall down and go boom.
On to New Years Eve. A bunch of the boys and girls joined forces and we took over the elegant (ha!) 5 course dinner at Eagle Lodge. It actually turned out pretty good considering it was almost all friends.Ruiz and grey foreskin.
Faces and head decorations.
Vannester found this gum on someone else's table. Not sure why she was so into it...
More Greg Shit.
Ruiz knows Drunk-Fu.
Sign of the times.
Sticky keeps it classy with his glass of red.
Vannester squeezes one out to ring in the New Year.
Florian carefully calculates distribution of ounces.
Captain has a beard. and bangs!Playing wounded ass-grab games.
Tyson sleeps well.Deer Head.
The deer is awake and it's thirsty!

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