January 31, 2010

Into the glare 4

More more more boosting in Newport.

Hoyer whipping it out.

Harris backside banger.

Hoyer carve.

Chase Wilson slashing it up.

Chase Wilson ender bash.

Moysa pocket whipper.

Harris fanning out.

That's not Chippa!

Or that!

Moysa, classic layback.

I forget who is in there.

I forget this one too.

Harris backside faraway jumper.

Joe Frizzel will snake you.

Bones jetty jump.

Chase Wilson on rocks.

Moysa pushing water.

Bones bah!

Harris beautiful slice!

Bones banging the drum.

Cordell straight up.

Harris extending.

More to come tomorrow!

January 30, 2010

Into the glare 3

More of the boys around Blackies. Part 3

Duddy Hein, into the glare.

Jason Harris blur blast.

Moysa floating the bloat.

Some guy, higher than the ocean janitor.

Moysa carve.

Moysa fin blast.

Harris and his own fin toss.

Harris grab.

Harris, geez more.

Bones being Bones.

Harris style slash.

Bones doing almost the same turn.

Casey Kalinyak boosting!

Jared Mell out and over.

More to come tomorrow!

January 29, 2010

Into the glare 2

More waves from around Blackies with the usual suspects.

Hoyer slobbing out.

Victor Dome throwing it up.

Jason Harris slob

Punker backside lift.

Hoyer tossing a varial.

Bones backside wheelie.

Hoyer normal hand on.

Victor Dome-piece is now repping shorescrew in Aus.


Bones mini up and over, eyes on the landing.

Jeff Parker, man gouge.

Clean lines.

Hoyer using the clueless for sections.

Victor bringing smiles.

Cordell walking out, big time jetty fashion.

A lovely winter so far!