January 26, 2010

International Flowboarding Championships in Singapore

My life sucks. After two months in Indo at the beginning of summer and then two and a half more months of $10 a day tubes back in Indo at the end of summer, I went to Singapore to partake in the inaugural IFC (International Flowboarding Championship). What a craphole that island paradise is...not! It is a little expensive after coming from Bali, but with a perfect 10 foot non-stop barreling left who the hell cares. If you're ever stuck in the Changi Singapore Airport for an infamous layover make your way to Sentosa Island. It's about a $30 2o-minute taxi ride away or you can take the subway/train and get there for like $5. Just get out of that damn airport!!! You can also go visit the Orchard Towers for a delicious all you can eat buffet of Asian delicacies...

With tempatures in the 80's all day everday most of the girls you see wear the same uniform

The Sentosa flowbarrel covered in snow

View from the back

2009 Flow Tour winner Sean Silviera hacked this thing apart

Eventual IFC champ Wes Fischer has the meanest full rail roundhouse

Plenty of watchers attended the IFC

Wes can also snap the hell out of the lip

He also enjoys doing yoga

San Diego's Heather Savant earned her crown as the best female flowboarder

As Heather fixed her diamond ear ring, SA's Marta Jekot does a snow slash

This Jesus walking on the water is 16 year-old Eric Silverman

Strapless backflips are almost in Silverman's deep bag of tricks

Mufasa made an appearance

As did Nelson Mandela

SA's Billy Tennant enjoying what Singapore has to offer

Things got weird at night with speedo clad Aussholes and neon wearing dancers

Matt Lammers is a wakeboarder and it shows with this nuclear rodeo 540

Heather the Flow Queen can boost with the best of them

Chilean Juan Pablo flips with reckless abandon

After some wild card antics, Tyler McIntyre spun his way into the IFC

Wes takes to the air to win the IFC

Silverman's canonball

Adjusting to the humidity

Dips in the kiddie pool are highly recommended

Toki doki abunai

How's the photographer in the background missing the shot

Hopefully he got this one of Silverman

Wes is actually a pro bodyboarder, but you'd never tell from his stylish flowboarding

Singapore breezes are hard to come by, but you're thankful when they do blow through

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