January 18, 2010

Tasmania 01

Finally got to travel to Tasmania. I grew up with badass cartoon: He-man, Transformers, SilverHawks, ThunderCats and Warner Bros. The Tasmanian Devil? Come on, most of us have met Matto. Where are you my buddy? We knew Tasmania would be a mission but that was half the fun of the thought of it. I went there for around two weeks with Chippa Wilson, Ben Godwin, Matt O'Brien and the ever-stylish Thom Pringle. Here's the beginning of a series of photos from the trip.

This was us wandering around downtown Hobart, since our contact was MIA surfing some nuts slab that never broke again while we were there.... :)

Tasmanian roads.

A cat was a highlight.

Benny had to climb down at the docks to taste the Tasmanian dock water. He does this in every new country he visits. His immune system is a force to be reckoned with.

City art. Too bad this bar closes at 4PM like the rest of the city.

It took us a good 45 min of walking to city to find somewhere that was open at 6PM on a weeknight, let alone that served beer. What the hell? This made us and Benny quite upset!


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