January 26, 2010

Lower street batch 2

Round 2 of our photos from that good day in Newport

Hoyer ducking into a death ride.

Joey Head, mining.

Joe Alani.

Shaun Wardo.

Jordy Smith, straight drop.

Joe Alani again.

Good section.

Jordy Smith.

The one that got away.

Brandon Guilmette.

I like the hand trail.

Damien Fahrenfort got 100 waves.

Jordy in the darkness.

Slow your roll.

Jordy air.

Hoyer with a good one.

Hoyer's superman.

Shaun Ward.

Jordy showing off.


Brett Simpson.

Hoods and guns.

Hoyer looking calm.

Is that you Dan?

Even more pictures tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. cant believe i missed it!!out of the water with a screw in my wrist...never seen such a circus at 15th!!crice