September 30, 2010

bourdaines, france

bit of a delay as we were flying in planes and roaming countrysides.

Walked up the beach to escape and found ourselves in the midst of the WorldTour crew, a few peaks and a nice French sunset.

Notorious freesurfing punters were floating around as well. Dion high above straighty.

Slob spinners are still so in!

Dion kicking out some French jams.

more from France to come....

September 24, 2010

Del The Funky Homosapien @ Funk 4 Free

Check out this video of DEL THE FUNKY HOMOSAPIEN from our All Night Antics party @ Tiki Bar.

September 23, 2010

September 20, 2010

Freddy P @ Uppers

Watch a bit of the Lowers contest with Freddy P. How good were those waves!?

We went up the way from the contest and tried to nail a clip or two.

There were a few bankable opportunities... Here Fred is, spinning himself something easy.

September 19, 2010

Newport pumps out some tubes

Couple waves around town while the Lowers contest was going off!

Beandippppppppp !!!!!!!!

Almost a good one, thanks Alan!

Gold mining style....
but hey, at least he's not on his knees...

September 18, 2010

You'd hope the story has a ... (5)

Part 5.
Conclusion of a few sneaky waves down the way in Newport Beach.

Ford Archbold asking permission for one last wave.
Permission denied! You're outta the update!

Hoyer and Jason Harris, talking no-shirt talk.

Hoyer wonders why all our pets' heads are falling off!!??

Hoyer throwing out the ole hook arm.

Joey Head, high hopes.

The apprentice...

And the master. Above the boats.

Thom Pringle goin lien, in 2 pumps.

Much like Josh Kerr in the last update, Thom ends his session with the all-trendy slob-rotation!

stay tuned....

September 17, 2010

You'd hope the story has a ... (4)

Part 4
A few more shots from Newport Beach last week.

Duddy spinning out.

Josh Kerr raising the roof.

Ford Archbold eyeing his landing.

Richie Collins laying down some rail and fashion tips for the kids.

Joey Head doing it right, wearing white.

Josh Kerr ending his session on this completed slob-rotation.

Larry putting his Wavetools to good use.

session conclusion tomorrow!

September 16, 2010

You'd hope the story has a ... (3)

Part 3
And our continuing coverage of a few days down the way.

Thom Pringle kicking out the jams!

Whoa Lamenzo!

Ford Archbold almost in the same pose as 1 pic above himself.

Ford jumping right to the top.

Spencer with an encouraging pat on the rear.

Thom splayed!

Thom is trying this move for the first time!

Miles can go straight up.

Ford kung-fu'd this end section something fierce!

more tomorrow.

September 14, 2010

You'd hope the story has a ... (2)

A few more pics, continued from the story below...

Larry got one of the only tubes of the morning, and made it.

Cory looking spry!

Thom lift off with Catalina looking mighty big...

Thom with another projection.

Rick sprocking his own attempt.

Joey, I've seen this move somewhere else from him.

His classic backside air.

Jason Harris whipping one.

Harris popping an easy one with a little grabber.

Palm spinning out.

more tomorrow...

September 13, 2010

You'd hope the story has a ...

We had a nice run of sneaky waves. Then everyone found out, so I figured I might as well take a few pictures of some friends. I'll add more all week, they're all pretty random. I like that.

Maybe you're in them?
Maybe you wouldn't like that?

Palm tossing one out.

Grunt dropped his new ring in the ocean ! By quickly diving for it he was able to rescue the important item.

Harris. I saw him today at a lunch spot. I was on bike, he came by boat.

Downes being quick.

Thom thom. slippery slobbery.

more to come tomorrow...