November 23, 2009

A Friendly ...Lost Movie Premiere

We at ShoresCrew love our friends. Our friend Tuppy set up a premiere for the new ...Lost surf movie which just so happens to be edited by another of our friends Joe Alani. So come join up with lots of friends the Friday after Thanksgiving at Ten Waterfront (old Hooters which just so happened to be next to Woodys...get it...Hooters next to's a dick joke my friends).

Film'd 3

Some more film was developed....

Checking D st. in Encinitas. Weird things on balconies.

Shorescrew party at Malarkys. Party people.

Jack Coleman, after a Catalina Fish Kitchen feed. Happy days.

Beandip and Chiron, All Night Antics party.

November 22, 2009

Film'd 2

Couple more random film shots.

Hoyer signing with Analog, under Moysa's watchful eye.

Jason Harris and Scotty Hammond copping coldies in a parking lot.

Tetz from Japan stopped in for a pint.

Shorescrew raining on a shot of Pascal with his FART mobile.

November 19, 2009


Currently in Tasmania and the internet is a bit ghetto.
So...enjoy these photos from some older film I just got back...

Hoyer, Bones, Scotty Hammonds, Harris and Moysa. Cali Rally days, late night in Newport at the house.

Analog surf session, setting up.

You can put lipstick on him, but he's still Benji.

Birds at 3rd point Malibu.

November 16, 2009

November 9, 2009


Under The Sea - movie of the night.

Thanks to Arnette and everyone who came out for the shenanigans time and time again! We'll be back in DEC. for more. Check out this month's BLISSS for a full wrap up story and photos.

this fire

It's always best to pour your own,

if you intend to just sit back and watch it burn.

Maybe even take a step back. If anything to at least see the smoke, not just the fire.

November 8, 2009

When we had waves

Chippa Wilson's cheater 5.

Chippa and the rock n roll focus.

Gorkin surrounded by green. Most likely in a good place.

Older unimpressed man.

Don't go to Creek, stay home.

Pop one for the crowd or two.

Hoyer is not to be distracted by floral print shorts.

Moysa going up.

And up.

Shit kid retrieval system.

Somebody get that man a new Cordell.

Family times.

Sometimes you've got to give as good as you get.

Victor Dome, question mark rider.

Hoyer took Pod's 7 ft board and whipped it.

Merrick talk.

"Just hanging."

Chippa readying for lift off.

Why not right?

November 7, 2009

Wild Things

To the top of the hill they come at night
with alcohol and cars alike
they drink with glee
and shove cars downhill with glee,

extra points for a tree

November 6, 2009

Lonely Lowers

Four people brought things to the beach.

Little buddy.


November 5, 2009

Halloween Howl 2009

Halloween Howl 2009
Party at Adam/Charney/Captain's House
as seen from a camera Captain Borrowed...

The clock is ticking, Grab a shot! Get ready to Howl!!!

Its not a real party withouut a Giant Squid!!!

The Hosts and Their Clock...

The Silly String Returns! Claiming its first Victim...
As if Santa wasnt having a rough time already...

Silly Alan...

And the next victim?

Old Greg! and his lovely "Jewicorn?"

Take That Charlottey Brown!

Spinach For Popeye


Miles Stayin Clean and Dry

Smooch smooch

Smooching party!

People always end up in this spot, haha!

It just kept growing!

Well done skawinski! well done...

Pipes a Plenty

Partyy! High FIve! Hahaha!

7 Bats! aH! aH! aH!

Do you ever drink Baileys from a Shoe?

We switched Head Accessories

Caught in the web!

Bears! Beets! Balttlestar Gallactica! BEERS!!!

What a trio...

Alan got sleepy...

Honest Abe... Chillin...

a dance party was inevitable...

Back room antics

Through the eyes of a dwarf...

Lincoln And Bride o Frankenstein went to prom...

The Fence was attacking people...

This adorable pirate was the best stowaway ever!

The clock is already ticking down, be ready to howl again next year! OOOWWWWOUUUUUU!!!