January 23, 2009

Dinner with Alan 2

This time around, Alan has two guests over for dinner. Alan falls down a few times, gets stepped on and has his eye cut by a Christmas wreath. 
His meal is quite suspect. What do you think they're eating?

January 22, 2009

WaveHouse Grinching

Holy crap this stuff is fun. Not quite as fun as Dinner with Alan (see below).

January 21, 2009

Dinner with Alan - episode 1

The first episode in a landmark series!

Alan eats some spaghetti that isn't his.
Then he proceeds to hold his empty bottle of Jameson to comfort himself against his feelings of guilt.

Dinner with Alan - episode 1 from lugo on Vimeo.

Hustle's night.

I chased an opossum into a side alley,
so I knew it would be a good night!

It was Charlie Hustle's bday!

It was freezing out so we warmed ourselves by the fire.

Flashes were blown.

Everyone looked really good that night.

The fire was warm.

The booze tent was glowing.

Hustle explosion.

Alan was not managing his club so he was able to make it out.

Miles and also Miles before he was cool.

Hustle popped his bottle, filled our glasses and told us to get out!

On to the bar. Drinking or sniffing, your choice.

Hustle looking good with his locks and throwing down hopefully Alan's club card.

Thumbs up for the red rocket mustache.

Birds are scary!

January 18, 2009

Come down and surf Mission Beach right in front of Wave House for Quiksilver's Ultimate Quiver Demo Day. Surf their boards, pee in their new wetsuits, and come ride B-Max from 7am-11am for free. It's on Wednesday before the ASR starts. Surf now because you know you won't be surfing at all during the show.

January 16, 2009


A poor little old man and his lady were going to enjoy a nice dinner at Big Belly Deli before they were plowed into by some lady who "was on her phone and listening to the music."

Everyone was fine though.

January 12, 2009


My first roll of film in over 10 years.

Damien and Jordy.

Good Meeks.
Bones and Newport.

Kiara & Gold and shots.



Meeks blast.



Jordy head blue.

doheny and gold.

Open shutter.

How To Have Fun With Teak Logs

Take a stroll on a private island

Find log floating and have Tuppy wrangle it

Manhandle the teak

Get all Knosty on it

Fly from it

Scout out Columbianas

Stradle the teak

Feel skinny

Get the group shot

Hold your amore

Dump your amore

Flip out

Get haggard with it

Survive with the log

Goodbye my log

Freezing celebrations

It was cold.

Shorts in the middle!

Tito is big pimping.

Gorman is so poor, he doesn't even have a watch.

Erica and friend.
In highschool you would get yelled at for leaning in your chair like that.

Check the time.

Evolution of plaid. Flannel plaid->Flannel->Stripes->Plaid Jacket.

Birthday girl and the biggest cupcake.


Powers of the cake.

The gigantic cupcake made Jordy sleepy.

This is where punker keeps his business cards. Precarious...

Naomi Peace.

Slater is the only one who sat perfectly still.

Girls shot, poached.

Kalani is in a heart of pink light,
the boys are in a rectangle of green.

Modern technology can be very engaging.

Kitchen crew.

Miller showing an example of a bad sun burn.

Oleema and Patrick.

If you go out, your roommates might be eating your food while you're gone.