January 7, 2009

5'5 Redux Premiere - Wave House San Diego

So since the ...Lost 5'5 19 1/4" Redux premiered at Aloha Grill in Newps a few days after it showed at Wave House in San Diego and Lugo posted the pics before me, I feel a bit ashamed. But I am in Panama and have a valid excuse. What's your excuse up there? Good work Headbutt Alani. If I wasn't so shitfaced and chinese eyed watching the first one growing up so many times, I might have thought that the redux was better. The surfing is first class just like the camera work. That Africa shit is retarded. If you're reading this and haven't seen that footage then you're retarded. Back to my Panamanian pandemonium.


Big screen goodness

Hooked on phonics

Knuckles for the bro

When god gives you lemons...Christina licks them

...Lost owner Reola rolling one up

Brady and Headbutt are roomies for life yo

Nerds supporting nerds

Flowboarder TMac getting shit signed

Brady and Tuppy getting weirdo with Wardo

The afterparty consisted of three ugly mugs

Panamanian pole dancer

...Lost energy drinks make Merrill's tongue do strange things

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