October 24, 2007

Off to Miyazaki !

We decided Tokyo wasn't the place for us after all, so we caught a plane to Miyazaki.Marlon tries to get a taste of home.
We went and stayed in the hotel that the movie, The Shining based on.
At night, strange noises came from the forest surrounding the hotel.
The lounge singer was a ghost, ala Ghost Ship.
Things only got creepier with breakfast.
So we went to the ocean dome.
camera 2
camera 3
then they opened the sky. and turned on the waves.

couple head high tubes on the left.

Benji is famous.
JP fly his seaplane into the sea.
Then we went and had a 5-star lunch.
Back at the hotel, someone did something awful in the elevator.
Then we had a nice traditional Japanese dinner.
Fish head soup
Then Gooch got war painted.
penis or atom bomb?
Sake induced group photo.
those japanese guys love their sake.
too much fish head soup.
Japanese gang signs
Marlon is thirsty.
Autographed shirt man.
This evil painting was in the lobby

October 15, 2007

1st night in toyko

We flew into Tokyo on the first day of our Gravis trip to Japan and decided to go check out the town. The only takers were Bali's Marlon Gerber, Malibu's Pascal Stansfield, and JP Solberg, respectively from Norway. Annnnd.....myself.
Always on the job, we shot a few Gravis ads for the marketing peeps. Your welcome boys!
Dang, brought the phone, forgot the hair straightener.

Give me tuna!
Haitian peer pressure.
Business man after hours.
A Japanese man regales us with incomprehensible tall tales.
It pretty much made Pascal dizzy.
Marlon said "I can smash your head like a grape."