June 30, 2009

Pricks Live Recording @ the ROXY

The Pricks played the Roxy again, but this time it was a live recording for a new record. You can't miss a chance to yell random things in the background right? We jumped on Charlie's Bang Bus to head out to LA, which he had kindly stocked full of his homemade witch's brew and had a wonderful little night.
Get it?

Charlie Hustle.

Sleeze Bus.

Gambling for nothing.

Tito showing Ratty a picture he took, of Ratty.

Brophy the white knight.


Just a beer please.

Girls are important, they feel good when you include them.

uh ohhh.....

The driver and proud owner of our sleeze mobile had not only a blonde ponytail but a shirt that said "everybody's cummmmming on the bus!" Yeah for real.


Ratty's new ink.

Personal haze.

Foot and Mouth. What are you afraid of?

Danny Pulido made an appearance, in a full tracksuit.

Sleepy time.

June 29, 2009

All Night Antics - first night movie

Arnette's All Night Antics...ah, presented by SHORESCREW. A harrowing account of what happened for Arnette's "product release" party at Malarkys in Newport Beach. Mix by DJ Airwolf. To be continued: JULY 22ND!

Here's a few more photos from the Arnette night at Malarkys.
These pics are from our resident snow-slider Sticky.

Here he is. Sticky throwing some pipe steez.

and then on to the Malarky's party.

Oh girls....

Thats it Hoyer, give them a good wiff. That'll seal the deal.

June 25, 2009

Arnette's All NIGHT ANTICS

Holy Hell, here's a whole lotta party pics.
What else is there to say except thanks to
Arnette and Malarkys and DJ Airwolf.
And thanks to everyone who came out for free beer and good times.

Malarky's, ground zero.

Maddness from the start.

Helping hands.

Beandip Master Mind, Joel Centeio and Victor Dome piece.

Does anyone know this wonderfully sweaty jolly hippy?
He had his hand in our friends purse and then her money was gone....

Girls girls girls and Daniel.

Nix for kicks!

Dome Piece.


Nolan with his hands full.

Alan back in the Mayoral seat.

Chest of fire.

Will shit.


Dance pants. ShoresCrew fire box.

Uh ohhh......

Forward Productions in the mutha fucking HOUSE!

Drunk trails beat paper trails everytime.

The classy side of the party. See girls, it's not scary in there.

Dance time mofos.

This is awesome.

Alan repping the new NightOwl shirt and the new shades.

Remember this!? Holy repeat! haha.

How wholesome.


Face In.

Captain and Mainframe looking sweet.


Did you come straight from work?
Fish Killer Tos and Duddy.


DJ Airwolf.

Love birds. Featuring our new Rock-Bottom sticker.

Greg Shit and fans.

Night Owl shirts. Buy them here.

Captain and the Tasha.

Green straws for Iran?


Sticky, Garrett and Jamie 10,000 days old Dow.

Whispering sweet nothings.

Whoa skunk bangs.... whoa

Daniel is happy.




Beer beer.

Da boys bradda.

The Meeks.

Product placement.

Burnout and Eddie.

Man of the night, Bartender Ben looking ready to dispense neon.

Fountain of youth.


"time of my liiiiiiife"

The come down.

"where's the party at?"

Thanks again to Arnette and Malarkys for another shit piss good time.
Here's some things I heard the morning after...

"man, i was pulling MJ moves on the dancefloor last night

and then i wake up and hes dead."

"Im going in an out of hot flashes and headaches

not good."

did you get laid?

"hahaha nahh

i got a heady

thats it tho

but uhhhh

i wanna see some pics

and bars are fuckin sick

i woke up and was like wtf hapened last night

it was epic

but ill talk to you later im out."

UNTIL NEXT MONTH MALARKYS.........we'll be ready.