June 30, 2009

Pricks Live Recording @ the ROXY

The Pricks played the Roxy again, but this time it was a live recording for a new record. You can't miss a chance to yell random things in the background right? We jumped on Charlie's Bang Bus to head out to LA, which he had kindly stocked full of his homemade witch's brew and had a wonderful little night.
Get it?

Charlie Hustle.

Sleeze Bus.

Gambling for nothing.

Tito showing Ratty a picture he took, of Ratty.

Brophy the white knight.


Just a beer please.

Girls are important, they feel good when you include them.

uh ohhh.....

The driver and proud owner of our sleeze mobile had not only a blonde ponytail but a shirt that said "everybody's cummmmming on the bus!" Yeah for real.


Ratty's new ink.

Personal haze.

Foot and Mouth. What are you afraid of?

Danny Pulido made an appearance, in a full tracksuit.

Sleepy time.

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