June 22, 2009

Analog's Donut Days finally Score!

Analog's Donut Thursdays found some good waves last week.

Not bad for Newport. Hoyer nabbing a good one.

Hoyer going for a roll into oblivion.

Hoyer again with a nice little drainer.

Jenner trying to boost onto my face.

I forgot who this was.

JP throwing out model shots.

This photo of Hoyer is very strange what with the arm and all.

But it was just a wind up for his backside blast.

Sometimes Bones is just a head.

Jason Harris throwing one up.

Newport kinda came together this morning.

Hoyer jump.

Little D and the end of the road.

Moysa likes to count on his fingers.

Bones looking for a landing.

Random tube without even looking!

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