October 31, 2009

Horns not Halos

Big thanks to Joe and Tiana at Banzai Bowl for our tickets to this little mini festival at the Orange County fairgrounds. Korn was headlining, but no one I knew cared. Over 100 bands played on a whole lotta stages.

Make your way to the free cocktails.

Tim was making friends and kissing his own baby.

Zombie mouth.

Sticky is a goon!

From the sewer.

Caught in the act.

Awful man ass.

Stellar hi-5 !

Girl talk.

Tim and his little buddy.

Bear Flag was there.

Thos and the hand that killed one million fish

"Try this steak taco!"

Eat Bear Flag, its zee best!

working hard.

Girl Talk action.

Captain and Thos.

I sip from a hand.

Face eaters.


It's overrrrr...........

Backwards girl is creepy.

Shiny Toy Guns & The Sounds

Before his 4runner was smashed up, Brumbley took us to a concert in LA.

Then he smoked a cigar.

We are terrible at time management and arrived just as Shiny Toy Guns were finished.

So we watched The Sounds.

It was a random collection of people.

Kris was there.

and Sticky.

And Travis and Brumbley.

Weird shit was going down in front of us.

But I guess there was weird stuff going on everywhere...

So yeah, we'll leave you with that..... wtf ?