October 6, 2009

Newport goes and goes

It seems like we've had waves forever...
All around the place there's little empty waves to pick off, and super crowded ones to battle for.

Joe Alani turning and Chippa's board flying.

Doheny rodeo style.

Headbutt airing.

Chippa with a small slide.

Chippa should've..


Riley Blakeway and friend.

Glorious long hair.


Headbutt booosting.

Bubby is back!

DShea is gone.

Doheny with almost the same.

Bones snapping it in a tight spot.

Chippa going the distance.

Mason Ho was out there as well, with quite his own lineup.

Chippa blasting.

The Gorkin.

Chippa putting on a show.

Bones is smelling his own hi-end in water cologne.

The Gorkin with more of his usual.


Bones, lucky to fit his ass in there.

This was sick.

Doho dancing.



Chip Whip.


Chip's backside whip.

Chippa down the beach.

Chippa seems to take a liking to the Newport ramps.
We've had a ton of waves, so expect more surf shots soon.

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