August 29, 2009

Ignacio, gracias amigo!

Some South swell in the water and a glorious bastard named Ignacio made for some good times at the ole watering hole. Especially if your name started with a D.

Daniel locking into a lovely one.

Birds of a feather.

I don't know how to focus, but you get the picture.

DShea tweaked.

Moysa getting some quality time.

Hoyer is an astronaut.

Bones and his broken back.

Little D ain't afraid of no rocks.

DShea with some lip service.

Kessler Tyler Barnickle gets sloppy.

Lucky guy.

Daniel navigates the dumper.

and another one...

Newport Style.

Daniel and shade.


Chris Mcglaughlin hit it.

And so did Joey Head.

This guy scored one!

August 27, 2009


Our 3rd Event of the summer at Malarky's. Arnette's All Night Antics - Disco Till Death. What a time to be alive! The heat of the summer, the spin of the disco ball, the fury of the non-stop hits! Ow! The shin-dig went off and everyone dressed the part. Big thanks to Arnette, Malarky's and DJ Bob and Brad Rockwell, you guys kicked ass!

We told you to get there early....

Disco maddness.

Sometimes Tos smells of delicious fish.



DJ Brad Rockwell.

Somebody scored!

Peace be with you.


Disco fever.
Makes people get wild.

Wheel and deal.

One of these is not like the other.

It's all about timing.

Prom dates.

She's a riot!

Muscle milk.

Tom's got a gold chain.

Steve-O taught her how to drink.


Do you think you could buy pot from the guy in the background?


Short love.

Business partners?

Nolan looks so happy with beeeerrrrrr....

The shark fin was back.


Semi Sweet.


Now that's a do.

Arnette winner.

DJ Rockwell and DJ Bob

2nd times a charm.

It was a family affair.

Alan loves his pitcher.

If Alan is the pitcher is she the catcher?
Is that why she is making that face?


Tavik Swimwear!

Helicopter shot

Strike it!

Dance pants!

This was our pre-party times.


Beginning of the night.

We felt the need to drink before we drank.

It was a lovely time.

Sir Lopi.

Captain had the time of his life.

I guess a lot of people did.

Chiron's hair is real.



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