August 5, 2009

South Swell of the summer Action

Some action from around the town during the swell. There's more to come, especially if your name isn't Hoyer.

Well I guess you're going straight now...

Joey Koala going for the board break. He was successful.


English, getting the job done.

Can you see tears?

Koala gets a dumper.

Tavik Tim!

Hoyer rotating.

Hoyer with a grab for the camera-ssssss.


Bones on a tiny corner.

He made up for it though. Did you see his claim on Surfline? Shit, now he's probably mad at me, and himself!


Hoyer sliding.

Hoyer backside no hander.

We are going for keepers. We told Hoyer to not be afraid to waste a wave by just boosting.

He proceeded to launch himself off everything.

With some spectacular results.

And some that went boom.


He survived!

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