August 26, 2009


Bones, before the hair and back went bad.

Yessir, it used to be good days for Bones.

Brother snap!

A flying Gorkin.

Gorkin lien.

Brother pop.

Hoyer, right where he needs to be.

Hoyer slashing.

Gorkin and the kung-fu.

Forkin Gorkin.

He went kinda nuts this day.

The guy did like 300 airs.

Everyone loved the show.

Brother's straight jump.

Simmons getting weird.

Gilmette also has kung-fu.

Meanwhile, back in Newport.....

Hoyer riding it out.

Bones sees some boobies and turns away....

While Spides goes straight for the attack!

Bones it seems is an ass man...

Hoyer with more of a bitch slap than the previous ride out.

Wild hair, wild air.

Bones and the rebound.

Joe Alani tucking in and hoping for the best.

I think that's Joey Head in there.

Back at Lowers the Gorkin is ready once again.

To get loose!

Hobgood got one wave too.

Victor Dome-piece was flaring up.

Oh yeah, and Chris Ward too....

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