February 17, 2009

Vote for TROUBLE

This is a contest to get Trouble Andrew on MTV.
Vote for him!

February 16, 2009

Criminal Activity

When it rains and storms and no boats come in the harbor, the sheriff boat has all day to troll back and forth kicking criminal surfers out of the water. They came twice while I was there and the second time brought the police helicopter which was very scary!
"Get out of the water now or the police will come and you will go to jail!"

Lovely day for the wrong side of the harbor.

Some good ones went from the finger-jetty all the way to the rock.

Moysa carving it up.

Same wave, wrapping it on the inside.

February 15, 2009

pirate of the night

Gather round children, let me spin you a tall tale of the sea.

While the kitchen is full of people dressed like me.

A trog? No, a skull-n-bones cup full of grog!

Even the admiral thinks a one-eyed wench will do in a pinch.

Sign language is helpful on the open sea.

Up from Cabo they crawl, to say happy birthday to Tuppy, one sleepy eye and all.

A most confusing white flag.

Party animal gets her booze.

Alan thinks a nice choke will never lose.

Make sure the cap is on tight.

Raise your glass for might!

Say thank you now, he's about to out like a light!

February 13, 2009

Messy messy

Dr. Gold swam out one day and Nick Fowler got a nice tube right in front of him. A bit messy but good times were had all around.

Wallin Surfboard's Creative Youth Coalition

Wallin Surfboards formed the Creative Youth Coalition which extended their Battle of the Bay art contest to Newport Harbor and CDM High School. 200 Art students submitted their art and 20 were chosen to be made into surfboards with one lucky winner receiving his board and a scholarship. The Pricks rocked out for the kiddies and there was a nice raffle where a bunch of moms won a bunch of stuff from the sponsors.

Eventual winner pictured on the very left.
I forget the kid's name but he went to Newport Harbor, so that's good enough for me.

Artist and art.

The Pricks.

Tito's got a monkey on his back!

Find yourself.

It got hot in there.

Then something happened to the left.

That red-eye tool is tricky.

Brophy blown out.

Leeboi says three more.

Damn kids and their foul language.



Things were more calm in the board room.

A Koala was spotted.

Brophy, man of the people.

She tasted Yoches' hair.


Flannel love.

Beware the winter poo-head.

Sweet ride winners.





February 11, 2009

Lower jetty love

Here's some pics from 28th the other week.
The waves were kinda really good and kinda not,
so we did follow-cam crap.

Bones, happy before the ear infection.

Bones and a scenic blast.

Hoyer driving.

Bit of a check turn, but the back-light is pretty sweet.

Bones super far double.

Hoyer's blurry backside snap.

Hoyer jumping backside.

Bones and an alley oop.