June 29, 2008

Oh my god....

Just to let you guys know.....
There is some ridiculousness coming......_!!!!!

Wallin & Playboy surfboards Party!

Wallin Surfboards is responsible for the new line of Playboy surfboards, they had their launch party in Hollywood and we weren't about to miss out on that.
Our driver for the night!
Depending on how you look at it, Sticky either has really good camera aim or really bad aim. You probably think really good....
LA la land
Spide shows you how to drink in cars and avoid detection.
First up is the classic, arm behind the head trick.
Next we have the double ima-freak pose.
Followed by the "no, im just on my phone" trick.
We made it! Alive!Yeah Wallin!
Sticky and his party shades.
Wallin! Kealohi!
Hollywood balding people.
Captain, girls and his mullet.Sticky and his librarian.
Johhny Boy, master mind of the Playboy surfboards. Sticky too.
Swanky setting.
Madsteez and Lugo wearing the same shirt! ugh!
Dance pants!
Spides is a dance machine!
Captain as seen from below.
"Take my hand, darling..."
Playboy gold owner, throwing out bills.
Hired help.
Lines for nerds.
Andrea learning how to work the horn.
The steering was a bit tricky, lucky she had goggles!
Lugo and the comb over attempt.Sticky likes to bump into things at night.

June 28, 2008

Vestal Party

Vestal had a party for the launch of their new collection. The best party of the summer had everything from a giant mess of people, free booze, flying beach balls soaked in floor beer to Dark Meat playing their 17 piece psycho rock! Good shit. I've still got confetti in my hair.

Dark Meat.
Gate crashers.
Line jumper.
A flying donkey.
Jesse Evans.
Brophy doesn't do Colt45's.
Party people.
Release the balls!
Apparently you could've just asked for a six pack...
3 Marketing geniuses. and a painter in the background.
filthy taggers.
The Mayor.
Hosseini and his new scar.
Loppi's version of Hosseini's face.
Doe-eyes and Daniel Sheamonster.
A packed house.
fake out.
real deal.
Spides and the striped crew.
shooting 45's from both hips.

Looks nice.
Then we all had fun with the shadows.

Lindsay and some guy.
He must be in a band.
Duddy was mesmerized by the lights.
They forced him to bust out some dance moves.
Cops say no more party!