June 2, 2008

After Party at Detroit Bar with "Semi-Sweet"

After rocking out to the pricks, and a boozy sushi dinner, we headed on over to Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa for some "$1.00 beers" (actual cost: $2.00...) and to watch some live tunes from our friends "Semi Sweet" Who apparently induce girls to suck on imaginary wangs and make out with each other...

Tim n Tyler

Crazy Eyed Sisters of People

Mr. Ambrose

Florian Releasing Demons

Thats Some Good Tongue-Rape!

flying Ice... Flice???

Using Klee as a slave flash...


The Two Hander!!!

More Smoochin!

Semi Sweet

Little ones, big ones

regularish eyed Sisters of, each other

Fuzzy and Pink

"Captain, you get in a shot for once"

Heather's Brief On Stage Appearance


And of course a random crowd shot...


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