December 27, 2010

Sticky's JLA featured in Mammoth's ARTPARK

If you're boarding Mammoth, make sure to check out our boy Sticky's art being featured in the JLA Art Park.

The rail was recently created using art featured in the JLA Iamsnowboarding art show.

Not sure if I'd hit that rail, but you should.

And Tyler Flanagan already did.

December 26, 2010

A holiday Umbrella story...

The night begins.

Thank you Arnette umbrellas.

We take refuge in your shelter.

You bring us smiles.

Almost to the destination.

Chippa navigates the drunken sea.

Alrik head low.

The Shorescrew Mountain Hat.

Santa looked like he needed a sipper.

So we gave him one.

Then he was content.

Alrik, Duddy and Chippa, holiday cheer.

Alrik rocking the new Shorescrew Mountain Hat.

The walk home, the umbrella has seen better days.

though her sails are tattered, her pride remains.

Octo spikes.

Chippa brings her home.

Hungover and broken, the poor thing slept outside.


Hawaii Rippings 4

Dental plans are expensive in Australia. Just kidding, those are shells.

And that is a huge punt.

She poached our shot of that punt, and it was on facebook by the time we got back to the house.

Like a cat.

Measure twice, cut once.

Harris double stall.

Peanut gallery viewings

I never got into volley ball, but it seems fun.

December 23, 2010

Hawaii - random rippings 3

Strange things happen in the water....

Somehow this turned into.....

this! hope she's okay...

Happy face in his own face for Chippa.

Still happy.

Lien rotators for days.

People always get in the way.

Cheeseburger boost!

This board rides backwards on the nose quite well thank you.

Lazy Ando Slob Spin.

Chippa looking back where he came from.

It's hard to find a good book these days.

December 15, 2010

Hawaii - random rippings 2

Kalani Chapman again, lift off.

Chippa Wilson spinning to win.

This guy had a rad self-made airbrush.

Timmy Reyes.

Danger zone.

Moysa fanning out.

What's the conversation going like?

December 13, 2010

Hawaii - back on the rock

We've been staying at the Analog house in Hawaii lately and filming a bunch with Chippa Wilson for some more Chippasodes, but a buncha guys have been ripping as well. Check some action from da rock.

Craig Anderson, breakthrough performer of the year.

Breakthrough trio of the year.



Mitch Crews.

Pete Mendia, usual hack on top of your head.

Mini left.

Ford again, getting a working one.

Chippa Wilson, above the greens.

Kalani Chapman will boost.

Sunset reflections are always nice.
A whole lot more Hawaii to come...