November 29, 2008

Flo Bee Cam

Some action from 54th st.

Beeson is flowing with the universe.  They hi-five each other.
Droid is a happy camper.  Ask him if he's going to Hawaii soon.
Droid pocket snap.

Droid slash.
Nice boy.
Droid air kick.


November 27, 2008

Water cam action

Follow cam is rad.  How's that section coming...
Hoyer boosting.
He rotated this something real nice.
Random kid grabber.
Hoyer cutting back...right into me.
A bit close hmmm....
Hoyer popping one down the line.
He's laughing.

Joey Head slashing.

November 26, 2008

Get in there!

Jake Kirschenbaum, happy as a clam.
Jake jumping.
Jake boosted this backside rotator on top of me.
Peaceful Jake
Jake flying.
Hoyer turning.
Hoyer popping a wheelie, the light looked cool.
Hoyer switch, with sunset.
Pearl diving?

Hoyer watching Dave Post boost.

November 25, 2008

Hallowed Be Thy Ween!

Halloween maddnessss.....
Mostly out of order and all kinds of messed up, just like you!

Most of these photos are Alan's.  Somewhat of a maniac.

Perhaps some of these photos are from an 80s party?

This was at Captain's house, once the keg was finished everyone decided to destroy the place.

Including the people who lived there.

Dia de los muertos!

Lopi was naked in skin and joined the dog pile.

Morgan Shit was pretty much the cause of the thrash.  He wasn't even wearing a costume, sissy.

Showgirl and Amy Winehouse.

A different Amy Winehouse got some lovely right in the face.

Sticky calls wearing gloves a costume. 

Silly string is fun to clean up.

Nothing shows love like pouring beer on yourself and friends.

Donny down.

Lugo monster.


Rocker chicks.

Mormons and such.

Pizza and zombies sound good right about now.

Baine of your existence. 

Whatta mess.

She's a buoy. duh.

Anal and a witch.  I mean Alan.

That's anal.  

Traighe finally found a hat that fits.

Myspace in action.


Lopi making an entrance.

At least you know where it is now.

Lugo and Craptain.

Stop giving him sharp things.

Party people.


Morgan wearing Lopi balls.

Nolan got the left over keg water in the face!

Alan thought it was hilarious and fell down.

He-man is strong.

Will Shit goes in for a sniff.

Did he like it?

Robert looking suave.


Those without costumes must watch on from over the fence.
Caroline always dresses like that so it doesn't count.

Poor beer pong table.

Nolan wants his toga on!

Charn is dead.


Clean up on aisle ouch please.