December 28, 2009

Hawaii 6 - 2009

Just a bit more to come on the surf side of things for Hawaii.

Moysa kicking the hell out of this wave.

Ricky Witlock, going somewhere. See you there.

Ben Godwin is going somewhere to.

Bones is going somewhere painful.

Bones snapping off.

Jason Harris, someone else got a good picture of this.

Cheyne Magnusson flying far.

Cheyne finner.

Chippa backside snapwhip.

Bones hoping for a soft landing.

Chippa extended.

Ben still has purple fins.

December 27, 2009

Hawaii 5 - 2009

Some more Hawaii action.

Chippa popping the backside grab.

Chippa floating a thick little lip.

"Well he has the right idea anyway."

Chip lien.

Ben Alleyoop.

Ben has purple fins.

Matt Meola.

Moysa snapping.

Bones slice.

Ben afternoon delight light.

Fun for some.

Bones, down the way.

He likes your rash-guard I swear.

Chippa fully blasting.

And again for good measure.

Fuck, and again!

December 26, 2009

All Night Antics @ The Alley

2 Nights before Xmas was our December All Night Antics @ The Alley for the release of Arnette's new sunglass model: The Scenario. And it was maddness like usual. $1,000 went to buckets of free beer for those deserving, Bareback DJ's spun their spin, with a major helping hand from DJ Brad Rockwell and even Santa made an appearance.

Alley's Jeff was on his 9th shot of Jameson so we thought we'd join him.

Packed house.

Security had a good time.

Bareback DJ Paul Fisher was giving Nick Rozsa a headache all night.

Bareback partner in crime, Leigh Sedley on the controls.

They made girls smile.

Of course, Alan was at The Alley.

Santa likes beer!

Pay the lady! Jenavieve, seen here getting paid took a grip of these wonderful photos. You can see more of her work here:

Scene of the crime.

We told you to get there early.

Classy times.

Pistolero front man, Donny with our wonderful photographer Jenavieve.

Dance pants.

I'm festive.

fun times.

Air when.

E & O


Rozsa and his natural hair.


Eddie repping.

Follow The Fish.

sisterly love.


Burn out.

Dem Boots.

Florian and Doheny.

Santa has many different looks.

Xmas is a time for reflection.

The Scenario in grey.

The Scenario in blue.

The Arnette rack of goodness.

The Shaws.

Beandip and crew.

Santa getting down.


Wait, he needs glasses.

The Agent and The Scenario.

Full house.

Empty house.

Time to go home.

Tuppy and his new one of a kind Shorescrew shirt.

Someone lit something.

After party mess.

Santa came home with us.

We told him what we wanted for Xmas.

He knocked over our plants.

Then someone lost something...

And once they spilled the Hennessey it was time for bed.