December 18, 2009

Goons of Doom @ Kainoa's, HI

The Goons of Doom played to a sweaty and wet packed house @ Kainoa's on Oahu last night.
I don't think they've ever sounded better, and the new songs are Fun. Did you notice the captial F ?

Mikey G and his bleeding gums snarl.

Mikey helped the Goons sing a nice song about dinner. Hungry man dinner!

Set list.

Frizzelle is having a hell time.


Ozzie Wrong.

Small house, packed house.

Jack lending a voice.

Sweat surfing.

Moysa in on it.

The most unhappy man to ever wear a night gown and wig out to a show.

Ben and the last time I will ever see my sandals again.

Then we went outside and we were wet.

Then we went home and Ben fell down.
Serves him right for losing my sandals.

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