September 26, 2008

For You Skaters

Skaters actually pick up flowboarding quicker than most. Unless you're Moysa...then you just instantly shred anything...

September 18, 2008


Waves have been super fun lately...

With the contest at 56th all kinds of people are in town.  
Danny Estes slicing a Newport right.

Danny again driving.

Ford carving.

Joey Koala blocking Hoyer.

Hoyer back to front.

Hoyer switch air.

Hoyer whipping.

Joey Koala dancing.

Moysa getting it up.

Moysa hasn't even hit the lip yet, how's that spray!?

Moysa's lien rotator.

Inside banger.

Your cousin's bday!

You girls and your parties down the street...
I don't remember the end of this night!
Thanks for the good times!


Birthday girl double fisting.

Never noticed the height difference before.

Tyson doesn't pay attention.

Rachel does.

Family ties.

Bear Flag rep.

Red and blonde twins.

Cops only need one pretty girl to make them go away...

Catering by Del Taco!

double photo?


guzzle guzzle....

Pucker spilled on your clothes doesn't smell good the next morning...

Dance moves?

"who me?"

flo's turn.

just checking.


im outta here!


Outside wanderers.

Throwin em back!

This alligator is now dead.

That's just beer.

September 12, 2008

when its walled...

Sneak-a-peak. Pull in. Pull out. Get closed out. 
You never know, the next corner...could be right around the corner.

See, it wasn't all walls...

Again with this varial business...  I smell a crash-landing!

Jarrah getting lofty.

Jarrah with an impressive layback, which he pulled by the skin of his teeth.

Jarrah tube racing.

Larrial pulling in behind the rocks.

Lopi sit-down snap.

Moysa's kung-fu snap.

Moysa gets tubed, of course.


Robert Palm dancing fancy.

Rynek got tubed.

Here he is again, styling.

Springbreak got tubed too.

Tube Diver.