September 10, 2008

where's the painting pictures? where's the painting pictures? here's the painting pictures!

Resident weirdo Josh Hoyer did a two-piece painting for a surf shop while we were in Australia.  The shop name escapes me but Benji bought a beavertail wetsuit-jacket there, which turned out to be a source of much hilarity.  But this update is about Hoyer, and me giving him photos of his painting in my own special way.

Here Hoyer is, hard at work.  I think he got all the supplies from an Aussie Home Depot.

Applying final touches, wearing leather.
Yeah, he's got a motorcycle...

The final version!

Not only does he paint, he'll also eat anything!

Goodbye little creature!

He also puts his heel through his surfboard deck.  Airs are dangerous kids.

Name and blood.

Needam getting the shot.
Hoyer would skull beers like a true Aussie.  Here he shares one with Marlon and Ian Walsh.

Not sure what that was about.  Anyway, back to Hoyer!

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