November 15, 2008

Car SMASH! on the 395

Tyson and I are on our way to mammoth right now, and we just spent 45 mins wandering around the freeway on foot due to a crazy accident. Jaws of life, helicopter medics, all sortsa crazyness, check out the pix... sorry all i had was an iphone...

::click images to enlarge, especially if downloading...::

Tyson Riding His Car

Unlike Newport cops, CHiPs let me wander all over accident scenes...

Car A

Newly Convertible Car B and chopper

The shot...


  1. what time was this accident? and do you know what make and model the gray car is? I am trying to find out information on my friend who was in an accident on the way to mammoth and cant find anything.. thanks

  2. this was at about 8am a few miles past red mountain on the 395. I cant make out the logo all that well in the pics but i it wa a honda/mazda/hyundai type of car.

  3. thanks... I will hope this wasn't her accident, I know she was airlifed and believe someone died in the accident. thanks for your help

  4. this is it:

    California Highway Patrol news release

    On November 15, 2008 at approx 7:45 AM, Ms. Dorethea Dorio (Age 29, San Diego,CA) was traveling northbound US 395 at or near the posted speed limit in a 2008 Toyota Camry.

    For an unknown reason she allowed her vehicle to steer to the right and begin to drive upon the right shoulder area. Ms Dorio overcorrected and steered her vehicle to the left and crossed into the southbound lane of US 395. Mr. William Fraser (Age 50, Ridgecrest, CA) was traveling southbound US 395 in a 2006 Ford F150 pickup.

    Mr Fraser attempted to avoid a collision but was unable to. The front of Mr. Fraser’s vehicle collided with the driver’s side of Ms. Dorio’s vehicle. Ms. Dorio received major injuries as a result of this collision and was transported by helicopter to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center by Mercy Air. Mr. Fraser received moderate injuries and was transported by ambulance to Ridgecrest Community Hospital.

    Personnel from Liberty Ambulance, Kern County Fire Dept, Kern County Sheriff’s Dept, And Mercy Air all assisted at the collision scene

  5. iPhone pics come out purdy good i say.