June 2, 2008

Atwater Presents The Pricks at ASR Holiday, Costa Mesa

For the second year in a row, Atwater clothing presented a free public Pricks concert after the Holiday ASR tradeshow at the OC fairgrounds. Some free beer was provided, but that went fast. The Pricks just never cease to amaze me with their consistent improvement and they put on an amazing show. The Afterparty was at Detroit Bar, (see next post...)



Spring Break Spence Gettin Weird on his first Day Back on the Sauce!

Hod and CoWorker

Front Row Fans

A Shadowy Brophy
Woo Hoo For Blue Slue Shoes!

I Distracted Spides


Tommy and Lugo Checkin out each others shoes...
Jumpers and pant-puller-uppers

oh doho...

Tatty Matty


Sticky Watches From Above...

Richard Richarding

Yoches singing

Spides Rocking!

Yoches Pointing?

Brophy's Got Fans

And Gets High Fives!
The Sunglass Only Tent

Bloody Drums

Its Over!!!

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