June 15, 2009

Some more tasty Newport bites

I wasn't paying attention and thought that guy stole my green towel.
I have the same one.  What a way to start the day.

Daniel Shea going for the cross to the crotch.

Hoyer spinning out.
The Alien putting his stroke down.

Daniel about to ramp on Hoyer's pirate face!


Punker Pat making a sloppy H.

Daniel's vertical stall.  Completely functional, if you're wondering.

Daniel also goes like zoom.

Break-the-egg style ass-slide.

Hoyer and a little fin toss.

Macy Mullen before he broke his wrist.
Kids! Don't put your arm into the street sweeper brush!

Super famous DPayne tossing.

See that rainbow tank top?  
My uncle used to have something super similar.

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