July 4, 2009

Duffy to the wrong side.

One afternoon we hopped on Palm's duffy.

We swung by Parker's little spot and woke him up.

Then we headed off to our destination on foot.


Lopi is all business and cannot be distracted by colorful landscaping.

Just a taste.

I think the last time we were at this same house, people were fighting because they went to different highschools. A car chase ensued complete with police helicoptor. This time a nice grandpa heated up some chicken for me and insisted a eat a hamburger as well.

Hungry. Remember him?


Ruiz is in the know, he only goes to parties that serve cookies.

Greg Shit and Worm just got lucky.

Outcasts get no cookies!

Foot and face.

Riding back.

Then we retired to the hangover-cure room for some pool.

While ladies sipped drinks and got crazy eyes.

Oh, and this is really funny too.

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