July 13, 2009

Maloof Money Cup

Thanks to Sticky and his endless connections, we were able to have all-access passes to the skateboard event, the Maloof Money Cup. These passes virtually allowed us to go wherever we liked and some places we probably weren't suppose to be, but ended up anyways such as above the street course hanging with the riders wives. Some highlights from the event include surprise Snoop concert, Kobe Bryant checking out the skating, 18-year old Alex Perilson pulling a 900 in the vert comp, and street skaters doing all sorts of crazy spin and flip combination's on the custom built street course. Oh yeah there also was an after party at some hotel with really expensive drinks and some good people watching. Check the pictures for highlights...
David Gonzalez with an airwalk over a very large gap

Sticky and Andi checking out snoop

Snoop and crew rapping some classic song

Kobe made it to throw out high-fives to the crowd

Despite half-pipe being a dying sport the organizers added a new element with the addition of a mini mega ramp.

18-year olf Alex Perelson destroyed the half-pipe pulling the 4th ever 900 in a vert competition. He also won 75 g's for his efforts.

Lizard King pulled some crazy moves, but didn't make the final cut. What's more important though is how does somebody get a nickname lizard king and have it appear on the mega screen as his name?

Bryan Anderson with a boneless to boardslide on the rincon rail. I think he broke 5 boards trying this single move. Nuts!

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