July 28, 2009

Volcom's swimsuit launch

Good times are held at Volcom Headquarters. This is an example of said statement. Booze, models and mysterious pizza make for a good night. Enjoy the pictures. Did you know the water is mid 70's here right now? I am going in the water instead of writing more things you probably won't read.

Richie getting up to get down.


Sticky got locked out!

I liked this shirt.

We thought Florian was a hero for bringing pizza.

Alex Grey and Mikey G and his better half.

Semi Sweet.


Shuster checking the shot.

Captain getting his creepy view on.

The only thing Jackson loves more than his white iphone case is that shirt.

On a meeks.

Pop Horror.


Buy SHORESCREW glasses in the store!
Or not, Alan has them.

Like a house of cards.

Bud Lime to match the shirt.

Then we rode off into the night, or morning actually...

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