July 6, 2009

The 4th of July!

It was a wonderful 4th. The sun was shining and everyone was high on life. Thanks for all the good times. Thanks to all the people who cradled the camera and shot some shots. I'll leave the photos in a mixed-up order because that's what the day really was. All over the place!

Alan gets juicy!

We're so glad we saved Adam Popp.... (yes we're taking credit)

So that he can be around to take beer bongs!
Keep healthy buddy!

3 cups.

The time of Robert's life!

Check Alan's new glasses.
Available if you can find him.

There's some sorta glint in her eye already.

Classy dresses by the bay.

Count the girls.


Jason Harris!

Sometimes naps come on strong!

Morning light.

Alan is scaring people!

Buncha Pricks.

Seems creepier than it should.

People helping people!

More people helping people.

Buy Analog.

Flag girl.

Take a closer look. This is strange.

A moment in time.

"Sunscreen? Nah I'm okay..."

Once upon a time.

Meeks drives boats now.


Allie Kat.

Oh 30 Crime.

"Having a lovely day thanks."

"I'll walk through anything."

Well the colors are correct.

A slight misting.



What? Nubs.


I think I remember that bathing suit from the WTF are you wearing party.


Summer Mary sounds like a drink.

Dont tell me what to do!

From the floor up.


Uh oh....

Birds of a feather.



Ratty Matty and Omar Hasson.



Delicious, and got knocked over.


Exit strategy.

Double pour.

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