January 21, 2010

Indo is a go go

I was lucky enough to go to Indonesia two times this summer making it my 7th and 8th trips over to that wonderful archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Since I've taken a shitload of pictures from my previous trips, I let my friends from San Diego Aaron Corn and Ryan Judson do the photographic documentation.

That first surf at Uluwatu is great when you walk out and see this

Ryan Judson is happy to be sitting in the airport for 14 hours

But after those 14 hours he gets airborne again

A little foam climber at Poopoo Watu

The standard line-up photo

Aaron and Judfuck get romantic at sunset

Gold getting in some badly needed beauty sleep

Boogie cutback with heads bobbing

Some Kuta delicious greeted us when the waves got small

Grom checking his tonsils after tongue wrestling with the beastmaster from the above pic

Crouching down and head tilting are grom's specialties

He also like to be dropped in on by the One-Armed Bethany Bandit

Getting crossed-eyed with the local restaurant workers

Gang signs and vomiting are quite posh in the clubs

She wore glasses to protect her eyes from being licked

Staying in cages prevents bird and swine flu from spreading

Got to love Indonesian phonetics

Stylish temple garb

This looks fake but it is definitely real

These two love getting romantic together whenever possible

Blessing our car before we drove around the island

Aaron Corn getting close to his roots

Ricky Monster and Grom enjoying some morning Bintangs

Since I can't soul arch in the tube, this is the next best thing

The setting sun...

Temples at Uluwatu doing it's thing. It's definitely bigger than it looks

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  1. Nice post of your trip Dr. Gold!

    Call me when you are in town!

    Brother Gold